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Cambodian Outreach Program

Given the Cambodian educational crisis that has resulted from the Khmer Rouge in the late 20th century, LASA Robotics has decided to help promote STEM education to secondary students in Cambodia. Given current policies, only a small percentage of government funds are available for hands-on educational opportunities. In August, 2015 LASA Robotics presented to the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia about FIRST Robotics, explaining what we do as a robotic team, and our outreach. In November we led an all-day workshop for University students and Lecturers with the NXT kits we provided. Concepts covered during the day included engineering building skills, and coding with embedded physics and math concepts.

In the summer of 2016 the team went back to Cambodia with a group of 5 students. They gave a week of STEM workshops for students at the University. They also brought more materials collected in the time since the teams’s last visit.

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LASA brings robotics to Cambodia.