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LASA FTC is excited to get started on the new robotics season.

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) 2017-2018

Velocity Vortex

The FIRST Tech Challenge game kickoff and game animation revealed the most exciting FTC game yet. Check out the video.

Austin Area League Play Schedule

Sat, Nov 12, 2016

  • FTC Austin Metro Meet 1

Sat, Dec 3, 2016

  • FTC Austin Metro Meet 2

Sat, Jan 7, 2017

  • FTC Austin Metro Meet 3

Sat, Jan 21, 2017

  • Austin Metro League Championship (Austin Area)


Other FTC Events (for teams that qualify)

Sat, Feb 4 OR 11, 2017

  • Alamo Wild Card Qualifier (San Antonio)

Fri Feb 17 – Sat Feb 18, 2018 (dates not final)

  • FTC Alamo Championship (San Antonio)

Thu Mar 23 – Sat Mar 25, 2016

  • FTC Super Regional (Athens, Georgia)
  • Info will be here: http://ftcsouth.net/event-information/

Wed Apr 19 – Sat Apr 22, 2017

  • FIRST World Championship (Houston)

LASA Robotics 2015-2016 FTC Teams

LASA Robotics had four FTC Teams for the 2015-16 season. Teams 4290 and 5998 were the veteran teams, with members from between 10th and 12th grade. The rookie teams, 9874 and 9875, were all-freshman teams. Each of the teams worked independently, and arrived at their own unique robotic solutions to the ResQ game.

Team 4290 – High PHidelity

Last season (2016), team 4290 advanced all the way to the FTC World Championships, where they competed in St. Louis. As a team, they focused on building a consistent robot, with lots of driver practice. At the South Super Regional tournament, they were a finalist alliance captain. In addition to robots, team 4290 focused on developing an open-source programming library, which was used by teams across the nation. 

Team 5998 – Ultraviolet

Last season (2016), team 5998 focused on building a powerful, block-scoring robot. One of the coolest features of their robot was it’s vision processing capabilities. FTC Vision was developed and open sourced by LASA robotics team members. Team 5998 also worked on the ATX Stem park, an open space where teams can gather to work and practice.

Team 9874 – Back to the PHuture

Last season (2016) was team 9874’s rookie year, and they had a great season. The team worked together to learn, grow, and develop their technical knowledge. In addition to learning about hardware, team 9874 helped to work on FTC Vision. Team 9874 also worked to organize and FLL mock qualifier, in which Austin FLL teams practiced their presentations in a judging setting, before recieving feedback for improvement. 

Team 9875 – MurPHy

Last season (2016), LASA’s second rookie team had an impressive season, making it to the Alamo regional championships in San Antonio. Their simple robot reliably hung, and they were proud to improve it as their season went on. Team 9875 helping to sponsor STEM education abroad, more specifically in Cambodia. They fostered a relationship with educators there, and sent donated NXT kits to schools, along with the curriculum we use in SMART camps. This summer, 5 students went to Cambodia, to continue to help in Khmer Rouge region.