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Coaches and Mentors of a FIRST team, are, through the kids, the key ingredient in the success of the team. They help the teams on technology and other aspects of FIRST robotics.
– Help inspire and motivate the kids to reach and achieve their goals
     – First by helping them determine what those goals are
     – Facilitate next level of learning
– Create a positive and safe environment to learn by doing
– To support the goals and core values of LASA Robotics
 Anthony Bertucci, Head Coach and LASA Teacher

Anthony Bertucci, commonly known as “Bert”, has been involved with LASA Robotics since the beginning in 1993.

 Ellen Owens, FTC Coach and LASA Teacher

Ellen Owens started teaching at LASA High School and joined the team in 2015. She currently teaches SciTech.

 Riad Nassar, FTC Coach

Riad was a student on LASA Robotics from 2007 to 2009. He came back to mentor the FTC teams after graduating from Austin College in 2014.

 Gijs Landwehr, FRC Programming and Build Mentor

Gijs is a Computer Science student at the University of Texas. He started with FRC Team 1477 in 2013 before coming to LASA in 2016.

Patrick McCabe, FRC Build Mentor

Patrick is an Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Texas. He has been involved with FRC since 2014, starting with FRC Team 1477. He joined as a mentor for LASA in 2016.