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Parents are an integral part of LASA Robotics. While the students take the lead, they still need much help from their family. We appreciate all that you do to help the team. Parent team meetings occur 2-4 times through out the year:

  • kickoff meeting in September
  • travel meeting in January or February, before travel season (spring is travel season)
  • celebration in May or June

Parent Email List

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Parent Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for many activities, some that are on-going (events, judging, travel, fundraising, membership, outreach) and others that are more ad hoc (carpooling, towing trailer, website maintenance, video and photography assistance, printing and marketing services, sewing skills, party hosting, etc.). We strive to make good use of a volunteer’s time!

If you’d like to help please contact:


Sign up if you wish help in forming a  car pool. Find other parents who are in the same part of town.


In addition to having parents write grants to help support the team, we ask student participants to help fund raise by participating in the ASK Fundraiser. Each Fall students are asked to names and addresses. Each team member will sign a prepared letter and address an envelope to at least 5 people and companies.

Absences for Events — Excused or Unexcused

When a student is out for Robotics or any other school sanctioned event, they must write a note (two per classes that will be missed) and included in that note when they will be out and what they will be doing. Have Bert sign each of the notes then give them to all the teachers and then give the others to Ms Villareal (it the office). They can do this prior to the event, or afterward.

They should also ask friends in the classes they will be missing to remind the teacher that they are taking part in Robotics.