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The cost to run the LASA Robotics program is over $50,000 per year; primarily for robot parts and robotics competition event costs. This comes to over $650 per student. The money for running the program comes from parents and various fundraising activities. We get very limited funds from the school system.

Invest in LASA Robotics

Help us Change the World with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education by investing in the LASA Robotics Association and becoming a sponsor or contributor. This investment will not only enrich the students on the team but it will help support our outreach and community service.

Become a Sponsor

We would like to ask you to support our mission both locally and abroad. Your contribution will help us build our robots and allow us to help others build their robots. In return, your company will be recognized in front of thousands of people for your contribution to STEM education. Click on the name of your desired sponsor level below to donate now via our shopping cart and PayPal. Every dollar goes directly towards the education of our students.

Sponsorship Levels for Companies 

Bronze – $1,000 Silver – $2,500 Gold – $5,000 Platinum – $10,000
Unlimited available Only 7 available Only 4 available Only 2 available
All of the previous, plus All of the previous, plus All of the previous, plus
Company name listing on the LASA Robotics Website and in social media Company logo on a LASA Robotics website Robot demonstration and PR/Social Media opportunity at your office SMART camp at your office for your employees kids
Plaque with team photo Logo space on a robot and in the booth at all events Company name as part of official team name at FRC competitions Custom program designed for your specific company goals

Other Ways to Help

In-kind Sponsorships

We are always in need of metals and other materials to build our robots with, as well as waterjet time to cut out some of our parts. These donations are greatly appreciated and will be recognized at their market value.

LASA Robotics Machine Shop Equipment Needs

Here is some equipment we need for our shop. A plaque recognizing the purchaser will be placed next to the equipment.

  • Tooling of our CNC mill — $5,000 (est.)
  • Metal Lathe and tooling — $10,000 (est.)
  • Laser Cutter — $15,000 (est.)

Note: The plaque, T-shirts etc. that will be sent based on your sponsorship level will be shipped at the end of the season, usually by the middle of April.


To Become a Sponsor

  • Click on the sponsor level above and pay online using PayPal and our online Shopping Cart.
  • If you would prefer, email: fundraising@LASArobotics.org to request us to send you an invoice for your sponsorship
  • Or, you can use this LASA Robotics Fundraising form and send a check to: LASA Robotics | P.O. Box 143762 | Austin, Texas 78714-3762

Austin Area FIRST Partnership Opportunities

Austin Area and Texas opportunities are available for $25,000 and up, please contact us to discuss this further.


Along with Sponsors we are also looking for donations and welcome contributions of all sizes.

Gold Sponsors





In-kind Sponsors