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Students on the team are asked to be a self-directed member. Expectations are high, both from adults like coaches and mentors, but also from fellow team mates. While there is no time requirement, you can expect to gain from the team proportional to the amount of value and effort you contribute. The team meets 4-5 days each week. Some students attend all meetings; some only 1 or 2.

Sponsorship Campaign

Students are required to send letters and make calls to at least five companies and/or friends asking for sponsors and donations.

Community Outreach

Team members are required to participate in community outreach. Our team has multiple activities each month to help fulfill this goal. You can read more about these efforts on the outreach page.


No matter how involved with the team you are, or get to be, school comes first. You must be passing all your classes. Tutoring after school comes before the dungeon.  Most tutoring finishes at 5 pm, while the robotics team works till 6 pm so you should always make it a priority. Also, this team is like a second family, and if you ever need help with  any subject, there will always be a few people willing to help you out, because we all are in this together, no matter how cheesy that sounds.


Any LASA or LBJ student is welcome to join our team. FTC registration is closed. Registration for FRC (Spring) opens on Dec. 1 and closes Jan. 15, 2017.


Qualify for Travel

  • Forms to Bert
  • Submit bio
  • Pay dues and travel expenses (if applicable)
  • Subscribe to the emailing list
  • Register with FIRST organization
  • Have team photo taken
  • Sign onto “Trello”
  • Have all four team shirts and a pair of safety glasses
  • Participate in the Friends & Family fundraiser
  • Participate in a team community outreach event, and log your hours. Click here to log your hours.